The Methow Headwaters Campaign needs your help! Add your name to our comment letter that we will submit to the Bureau of Land Management. It is critical we show robust public support for the mineral withdrawal. Please add your name to our letter – every voice counts!

Jamie Connell, State Director
WA/OR Bureau of Land Management Office
P.O. Box 2965,
Portland, OR 97208-2965

Dear Director Connell:

On behalf of the Methow Headwaters Campaign and thousands of supporters, the undersigned individuals would like to express our support for a 20-year mineral withdrawal of 340,079 acres of U.S. Forest Service land in the Methow Headwaters of Washington state. These lands should be declared off-limits to any new mining activities while Congressional leaders work on a permanent solution to protect this landscape.

The Methow Valley is one of the state’s most unique and special places. Its rural character, clean, cold waters, and natural beauty support a resilient economy based on outdoor recreation, scenic tourism, agriculture, and fish and wildlife. The Methow Headwaters provide the lifeblood that supports the valley, its economy, and the area’s residents and visitors.

Without the added level of protection of a mineral withdrawal, these vital lands and water resources are gravely threatened by the development of a large-scale copper mine near Flagg Mountain above the town of Mazama and other future industrial mining operations in the larger watershed. Such development threatens to bring heavy truck traffic and industrial activity to this rural valley, and the prospect of significant visual impacts, wildlife disruption, and the degradation of the pristine streams that flow from the headwaters and feed the valley and lands beyond.

Large-scale mine development in the Methow Headwaters is in direct conflict with the qualities that underpin the valley’s successful and sustainable economy. It also undermines many years of community efforts to maintain the area’s unique rural character. Such development in the Methow Headwaters is misplaced and would devastate much of what makes the area successful.

Support for a mineral withdrawal is broad and significant. In just the past year, more than 135 diverse businesses, 35 organizations and community groups, civic leaders, tribes, local town councils, and 2,000 individuals have signed on to support the campaign. Washington State’s U.S. Senators have also championed legislation to permanently protect the Methow Headwaters from mineral development. They have pledged to continue this effort.

The Methow Headwaters Campaign extends gratitude to the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management for considering a 20-year administrative mineral withdrawal to ensure these important lands and waters continue to support the people and economy of the Methow Valley for current and future generations.

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