Dear Methow Headwaters Supporters –

Take Action and tell Secretary Ryan Zinke that our waters, communities and economy deserve to be protected!  We have until December 30th, 2018 to show robust support for the Methow Headwaters mineral withdrawal – every voice counts – thank you for being one of them.   ________________________________________________________________________

Dear Secretary Zinke:

I am writing in strong support of the recommendation of the U.S. Forest Service for a 20-year mineral withdrawal of 340,079 acres of Forest Service land in the Methow Headwaters of Washington State. Please move quickly to finalize and approve the 20-year withdrawal so that these lands are declared off-limits to new mining activities while Congress considers a permanent solution for protecting the Methow Valley’s ecological and recreational resources.

To support the people and economy of the Methow Valley, for both current and future generations, I urge approval of the withdrawal by December 30, 2018, when the current two-year segregation period ends.

Please add your personal story as to why the Methow Headwaters withdrawal is important to you, your, family, your business, etc.

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