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URGENT ACTION NEEDED. We need your voice to be heard now! The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) is taking public comment on a mineral withdrawal for the Methow Headwaters. The purpose of the withdrawal is to protect this vital area while Congress considers legislation to permanently withdraw the lands from mining activities, and to protect the value of ecological and recreational resources of the Methow Valley. It’s imperative that the USFS hear from everyone who cares about the Methow Valley and its critical headwaters. Let them know today you support the mineral withdrawal and the protection of the Methow Headwaters from industrial-scale mining! Please take a moment to support the campaign in these easy ways:
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Without your help and support, we will not be successful. We must let our Congressional leaders, agency officials, and local elected leaders know that the Methow Headwaters Campaign has a broad base of support that demands action
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