Methow Headwaters: Too Special to Mine

Methow Headwaters is proud to present our new film showcasing the unique beauty of the Methow Valley and the powerful story of why this place deserves permanent protection.

A Canadian mining company wants to conduct exploratory drilling for copper at the headwaters of the Methow River. This is the story of a mountain community coming together to share why the Methow Valley, in the heart of the North Cascades, is too special to mine. “It’s become a more unique place the more it’s stayed the same,” says local farmer Sam Lucy. “Right?” The Methow Headwaters Campaign is working to secure a mineral withdrawal and permanently protect the Methow from the threat of industrial-scale mining.


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A film by Benjamin Drummond + Sara Joy Steele

Music: Nick Drummond
UAV cinematography: Whitney Hassett and Ben Moon / Geodesy
Goat Wall camera: David Moskowitz
Aerial support: LightHawk
Associate producer: Hannah Dewey