The Methow Valley is a special part of the country, tucked amidst some of the Northwest’s most spectacular and iconic lands. Highway 20, the North Cascades Scenic Highway, travels through the valley. The wild high country of the North Cascades National Park rises above the Methow Valley to the west, and the peaks of the Pasayten Wilderness to the north provide valuable recreation opportunities and vital habitat for a diversity of species. These lands are the headwaters of the Methow; they play a critical role in the valley’s economy, natural environment, and quality of life.

This dynamic North Cascades landscape is also home to one of the largest copper belts in the world that extends from the Methow to northern Canada, with eight producing copper mines along the way. Over the years, a variety of efforts have been pursued to mine the copper in the valley. Currently a Canadian company is pursuing approval for exploratory drilling, which could lead to an industrial-scale mine in the headwaters of the Methow River.

The Methow Headwaters Campaign is working to stop a mine in this inappropriate area and make federal lands in the upper watershed “off limits” to large-scale mining. To achieve this goal, the campaign is focused on securing a “mineral withdrawal” for the federal lands that compose the headwaters of the Methow watershed. Public support is critical to the campaign’s success. Please join us today.


Lake Creek, in the Upper Chewuch drainage, looking southeast towards Methow Valley. Black Lake below plane at right; burned in 2003. 510TWS1172